Home is Where the House Is (Part 2) An ongoing series of paintings, all of uniform size, 14” x 18”.
Artist’s statement: I am currently working on a series of paintings of simple, ­ordinary houses, ones without grand architectural pretensions. Rather, their importance derives from the lives lived within them, of which we see very little. The houses are from a ­variety of locations in the United States and Mexico. They are, in a sense, the places we all grew up in, places of nurture, ­experience, trial, memory and forgiveness.​

From the top:

Bozeman #1, Bozeman, MT
Bozeman #2, Bozeman, MT
Mascota House, Mascota, Jalisco, Mexico
Traverse City #2, Traverse City, MI
In Escrow, Long Beach, CA
Million Dollar Teardown, Corona del Mar, CA
Omega House, Los Angeles, CA
Lanai Apartments, Laguna Beach, CA

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